Terms and Conditions

Kahula SUP Center Basel

1. For the Kahula Center Basel, the safety of the participants is paramount in addition to the fun factor. However, participation is always at your own risk. Wearing a life jacket or buoyancy aid is mandatory and is provided by the Kahula Center Basel to each participant for the duration of the course/tour.

2. Participation is at your own health risk. The organiser’s liability for health risks is

Excluded. By signing the terms and conditions of participation, the participant declares that he is physically and healthily fit and able to participate in the event and to comply with the instructions of the organizer or his vicarious agents. The participant declares that he can swim and that there are no health and/or physical limitations that make participation difficult or adversely harmful to health.

3. In cases of force majeure, official orders and/or for security reasons, the organiser is entitled to make changes to the organisation of the event or to cancel the event. In such cases, the organiser is not obliged to pay compensation to the participant.

4. If the conduct of a participant disrupts the proper conduct of the event or jeopardizes the safety of its own or the safety of third parties, the organizer reserves the right at any time to exclude that participant from participating in the event and, if necessary, to exclude that participant from participating in the event. cancel the event. The same applies to untrue information about the person when registering for the event. In such cases, the organiser is not obliged to pay compensation to the participant. The instructions of the organizer or his vicarious agents must be followed at any time.

5. If the participant participates in the rental at the Kahula Center Basel, he and third parties undertake not to expose themselves to any hazardous situation. In particular, consideration must be given to swimmers, ships, rowing boats, and animals on the shore. The user must pay for any damage to the material (accident/liability insurance).

6. The liability , including the personal one – of the organiser and his vicarious agents is limited exclusively to intentional and grossly negligent breaches of duty, which are related to the organisation of the event. The organizer accepts no liability for lost items. The participant declares that he has received a detailed briefing at the beginning of the event.

7. Photographs and film recordings taken in connection with the participation in the event may be stored free of charge by the organiser for their own advertising purposes and may be distributed and published indefinitely in time and space. Personal data will be processed and stored in a computerised manner for the purposes of the event.

8. By participating in the promoter’s offers, the participant also accepts the promoter’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.

The Participant declares that he has read and understood the Terms and Conditions, accepted them and provided the personal data truthfully.

Rules of use:

1. The borrowed material is complete and undamaged and within the agreed period to the issuing office


2. In the event of a delay, there may be an extra charge for the extension.

3. The user must pay for any damage to the material (private or insurance).

4. Rental for children/adolescents under 16 years only when accompanied by an adult.

For young people under the age of 18, a declaration of consent from a legal guardian must be presented.

5. All material will only be handed over on the basis of an official identity card. The ID card is displayed as

depot until the material is returned. (applies only to the hourly rental, with longer

a copy of the ID card will be created during the rental period).


1. The use of the Sea as well as the equipment provided is at your own risk.

2. A residual risk cannot be completely excluded, as this is a water sport.

3. Users therefore have the obligation to take appropriate precautions themselves (accident
/Liability Insurance) and are liable for damages caused by them intentionally or negligently
are in the amount of the new value.

4. The Kahula SUP Center Basel disclaims all liability.

5. The user cannot claim against The Kahula SUP Center Basel for damages and
claim any kind of injury that may arise from the use of the SUP.

6. Boards and paddles are not swimming aids. The life jackets are provided.

7. A prerequisite for the exercise of SUP is good and safe swimming skills.