FAQ - The most common questions and answers

We either meet at Veranda Pellicanò/Spatz at Birsköpfli or at Kraftwerk Insel in Birsfelden. 

Address Spatz: Birskopfweglein 7, 4052 Basel
Address Kraftwerk Insel: click here

We would like to remind you that you will be informed of the exact location of the SUP activity not later than 24 hours before the scheduled date.
We will be reaching out to you through SMS or call to provide you with the necessary information. This will give you enough time to prepare and make the necessary arrangements for your travel to the venue.

With sunshine and a fantastic 28 degrees, it’s certainly the most fun. Nevertheless, we don’t let a bit of rain spoil the fun. Despite relatively reliable weather forecasts, there has often been unannounced sunshine or lack of rain. In case of severe storms, storm thunderstorms or floods, however, we are then inferior to nature and forced to catch up on the SUP course on a replacement date.

Online: with Twint, Mastercard, Visa or with Cryptocurrencies.

On site: cash payment and Fitpass*
*with Fitpass you get 20chf off on all activities or SUP Board rent 1 hour per day inclusive. 

You should have sufficient and safe swimming skills. We are happy to provide you with a buoyancy vest on loan for the duration of the SUP course.

We provide you with materials from leading manufacturers for participation in the SUP courses. The equipment includes a SUP board that matches your size and weight and a length-adjustable SUP paddle to your body size. In addition, we provide you with a life jacket or a buoyancy aid

Well, it all depends on what clothes you feel comfortable in to do recreational sports / water sports. Most customers wear swim shorts, bikini smiles or swimsuits. But also functional sportswear (similar to running) is popular with some customers. The clothes should be comfortable, but do not hinder you unnecessarily when swimming, if you fall into the water.

Please also pay attention to adequate sun protection.

Accident insurance is the responsibility of the participant.

Most of our customers have no surfing experience when they are on one of our SUP boards for the first time. Since a SUP board is much wider, longer and more tilt-stable than a surf board, standing on the board is much easier than surfing and the first successes will be relatively quick.

As with all sports, the glasses can fall off their heads during stand-up paddling. Since we are on the water, this would be more than unfavourable. Therefore, please bring a spectacle band, e.g. a neoprene spectacle band. This is available in specialist shops and lets your glasses float on the water.

In principle, stand-up paddling is possible from the age of 12. If you are in good physical condition, then there is nothing against paddling into old age. The paddles can be varied in length and the boards have a load capacity of up to 120kg. This is why they are suitable for almost all customers

You can cancel your booking only until 24h before your booked date to get the refund (full price).

Still questions? Just write to us 🙂